Christian Louboutin Classique Sneakers

August 01, 2010 4

Louis Brown Suede w/ Rhinestones Black Sneakers ($2,495)

In the past, when anyone mentioned high-end sneakers, the first thing that came to mind were the usual suspects – Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and Lanvin. But now I must say, I think we have a new luxury brand joining that exclusive list, Christian Louboutin.  You’ll have to remember, they’ve only been in the sneaker designing business for a few seasons and they’re already blowing down doors. In May we got our first peek at Christian Louboutin’s Mens Fall/Winter 2010 footwear, and now we finally get to take a closer look at the Classique sneakers ($625-$2,495) from that collection, and they’re gorgeous. These sneakers are oozing luxury with creative designs and fine materials such as rhinestones, suede, pony hair, leather, and flannel. The craftsmanship and design outclasses much of the competition, and if Christian Louboutin continues down this path, they’ll surely emerge as the high-end footwear leader. Check out the rest below.

Louis Brown Suede w/ Rhinestones Light Brown Sneakers ($2,495)

Rantus Orlato Suede Laminato Multicolor Sneakers ($695)

Rantus Orlato Pony Hair Leopard Print Sneakers ($945)

Rantus Orlato Black Leather Sneakers ($725)

Rantus Orlato Flannel Taupe Sneakers ($625)

Louis Studded Black Suede Sneakers ( $1,095)

Louis Studded Taupe Suede Sneakers ($1,095)

Rantus Orlato Zebra Print Sneakers ($945)