Burberry Check Canvas & Leather Sneakers

By Kyle O. on
August 21, 2010

In comparison to popular luxury brands (such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, YSL, and Lanvin),  Burberry is considered  a worthy contender in the world of high-end fashion. However, when it comes to sneakers or shoes in general, Burberry hardly receives as much attention as its competition. From looking at the these Burberry Check Canvas & Leather sneakers (high-tops $308, low-tops $279), it becomes apparent that Burberry has some fairly strong offerings in the footwear department, in which many seem to overlook. These sneakers feature canvas with Burberry’s signature check pattern and dark brown leather on the toe, midsole, and back heel, all of which are on top of a white rubber sole. So do you think Burberry deserves more footwear attention or not? Check out the low-tops below.