Tag Heuer Squadra Night Vision Eyewear

July 15, 2010 0

Although we humans weren’t given night vision capabilities like our feline friends, we were given the brain power needed to build tools that could help alleviate our night time handicap. Night vision technology has been around us for some time now, but finally a revered luxury brand by the name of Tag Heuer, who are mostly known for their high-end timepieces, is bringing night visibility tech to the masses with their Squadra Night Vision optics eyewear. While these glasses don’t necessarily provide true night vision, they are the first in the world that were designed specifically for night time driving, and improve contrast, reduce eye fatigue and enable sharper vision in the dark. Tag Heuer’s Squadra Night Vision eyewear is available in two styles, and after you fork over the ($450), you could be on your way to having a more cat-like vision.

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