Paris Hilton’s Obsessive Collection of Louis Vuitton Bags and Luggage

July 06, 2010 4

You might have thought someone like Kanye West or Pharrell Williams would be the owner of all this Louis Vuitton, but a certain infamous celebrity of the Hilton family upstaged just about everyone you had in mind, as seen in this recent photo of Paris Hilton sitting high atop her mighty fortress of Louis Vuitton. Apparently Paris didn’t want to be left out in all the 2010 FIFA World Cup fun, as she made her way to South Africa with dozens of Louis Vuitton bags and luggage, which are most likely worth tens of thousands of dollars. Some might say all that Louis Vuitton is a bit excessive, and I would probably agree, but at least she’s putting them to good use and not letting them sit around and collect dust.

Paris (left) with photographer Dejdia of CrazySexyBitchy in South Africa