Big Sean Sports the Nike Buzz Light Year Backpack & Super Francis Basic Sunglasses

June 22, 2010 3
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Rapper Big Sean released a commercial  for his song “What U Doin (Bullshittin)” , and in the short video he whips out the Nike Buzz Light Year backpack. I couldn’t help but find this a bit amusing after all the talk  surrounding the huge box office success of the recently released “Toy Story 3” movie. He pairs the colorful space bag with Super Francis basic sunglasses (approx. $187), a Ti$a Bulls cap ($70) and BBC Digi Camo shorts ($220). The rest of the commercial is very much a Ti$a & BBC sponsored fashion event, with items ranging from hats and tees to vintage Versace sunglasses and Gucci polo shirts.

Check out the “What U Doin (Bullshittin)” video below.