Air Jordan 9 Retro Premio Bin 23 Metallic Gold Sneakers

By Kyle O. on
May 25, 2010

The Air Jordan 9 sneaker model was originally released in 1993 during Michael Jordan’s first retirement, and has since entrenched itself into the hearts and minds of sneaker lovers all over the world. Now this classic sneaker is receiving a limited edition release in the form of gold. The most notable feature of the Air Jordan 9 Retro Premio Bin 23 sneaker is the metallic gold detail, which takes over the entire shoe, but in a good way.  Premium white leather provides contrast and a stamped Bin 23 seal adds the final touch needed to make this Jordan sneaker truly unforgettable. Priced at ($175), this sneaker is limited to 1,331 pairs worldwide and is expected to hit select retailers on June 5th.

(Pics via: source 1)