Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition DB9 Sneaker

February 24, 2010 1
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NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has been getting involved with many projects lately. Earlier last year he teamed up with Nubeo to release an exclusive collection of Black Mamba watches and he also helped design the Los Angeles Lakers $30,000 diamond encrusted 15k gold championship rings. Now Kobe and his Nike partners have collaborated with the luxury car maker Aston Martin in order to create the Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin edition DB9 sneaker. The shoe features premium leathers with the Aston Martin logo on the tongue with Kobe Bryant’s signature on the other side. A limited release of 500 pairs is to be available by spring for ($700). I must say I’m a little disappointed with the overall design. I was expecting much more, especially from a shoe that got the Aston Martin stamp of approval. [Thanks Kweku]

Last spring 08 Kobe jumped over an Aston Martin Coupe with a pair of Nike Hyperdunks, check it out in the video below–CLY