Michael Jackson in Women’s Clothes…?!!

May 21, 2009 30



Givenchy Fall 2007 Collection

Yes people it’s true, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. One of the greatest legends in music to date is wearing women’s clothing. Why?! I wish I could give you a good explanation to justify Michael’s actions but frankly I can’t find any. Are you trying to let the world know something Micheal? Is this what were doing in 2009?


When I saw this, I was in shock for a couple of minutes and filled with disbelief, which was then followed by pity. What in the world possesses a man to put on women’s clothes and feel it’s perfectly okay. I mean we can’t even say it was an accident because it was done not once, but on several different occasions. I know you are Michael Jackson but there’s some things that you aren’t allowed to do. All I can say is wow!! Come on Michael lets keep it together and not destroy whatever it is that is left of your image.




Beyonce in the White version of  the Balmain Distressed Jeans



Balmain Fall 2009 collection