Floyd Mayweather Jr. Announces His Return to Boxing in Style!!

May 02, 2009 2
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Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. just announced to the public that he plans to return to boxing. We’ve seen this same old movie people, an artist or athlete retires and then announces their return. Jordan did it twice as well as Jay-Z and also infamous boxer Mike Tyson; so I guess Floyd is just following the same path. I don’t blame him though, if you’ve been around something your whole life it’s hard to just step down and move on.


Knowing his character, we all knew he had to make a statement to flaunt his wealth. Floyd decided to make his announcement to the world sporting a Bomber Gucci Leather Jacket from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection currently retailing for $2,995.



Check Out the Video Below of Floyd Making his Announcement Rockin’ the Jacket