Upscale News: Rick Ross 1 Of 1 Sunglasses are Fake LV’s

March 19, 2009 13
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What is up with Hip Hop and its fascination with fake designer gear, athletic gear, etc. Rick Ross in a viral video posted online, claims that his sunglasses are  1 of 1 from Louis Vuitton. And I must admit half of his statement is correct, there was only one made, but the other half is incorrect because his sunglasses have no Louis Vuitton affiliation. So the sunglasses are pretty much a fake, he got them custom made and that damn near goes for the majority of the stuff you see Hip Hop artist wearing because the majority of their fans aren’t educated enough in fashion to notice. I was inspired to do this post because a good friend of mine who is associated with Louis Vuitton, told me that because of the infamous XXL cover with Rick Ross on it wearing these monstrosities(seen above) people have been coming into the store inquiring about them by the boatloads. I personally hate fakes with a passion because it takes away from the exclusiveness of the brands and takes the credibility away from those wearing the real deal. So Rick Ross I enjoy your music but you are furthermore sketching the opinion in my mind as a fraud.

Update: Louis Vuitton’s lawyers contacted XXL Magazine about Rick Ross and his fake LV shades confirming that they are in fact 100% fake. Check it out here.



Check Out the Video of Rick Ross Rockin’ the Fakes