Neverfull Bags From Louis Vuitton

March 11, 2009 0
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Neverfull MM Exotic ($32,300)


Take a look at these Louis Vuitton  Neverfull bags some of which are made of monogram canvas, damier canvas, or leather with thin handles and fine interior & exterior details. If you like these, just know, they will cost you anywhere from $650-$32,300, but that’s the price you pay when you live your life in high fashion.

Monogram Roses Neverfull MM ($1,360)

Monogram Canvas Neverfull GM ($750)

Damier Canvas Neverfull GM ($750)

Check out some videos and more pics below

Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM ($700)

Damier Canvas Neverfull PM ($650)

Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM ($650)

Neverfull MM Damier

Neverfull GM

Neverfull PM