Porsche Design Group Presents the P’9522 Touchscreen Phone (Video)

February 17, 2009 0
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It seems that Porsche, known for their luxury sportscars, has also jumped into the touchscreen smartphone business contending with the iPhone, G1, Plam Pre, Instinct and all the other touchscreen phones that have sprung up within the last few years. The Porsche Design Group which is a subsidiary of the Porsche AG has debuted the P’9522  smartphone. To be honest I didn’t even know about this phone and it’s been out since last year, I guess no one paid it any attention. Enclosed in a solid aluminum case with a  scratch-resistant  touchscreen glass OLED High resolution display and includes features such as a sensitive fingerprint recognition security system, quad band antennas, 5 mega-pixel video camera with flash,wifi, stereo mp3 player and GPS.


The P’9522 is now available with a price tag of $756. 2 questions come to mind: Is this phone truly worth the price compared to other touchscreen phones? Will this phone attract attention to create a buzz big enough to stand up to phones like the iPhone? My answers to both of these questions is “NO” but I could be wrong. One things for sure, in order to take on the competition this phone better have a operating system and browser interface that’s flawless.


Check Out a Video and More pics below