Limited Edition Brad Pitt Benjamin Button Belstaff Jackets

February 20, 2009 2



Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) wearing the Panther Jacket ($1,205)

The collection of  jackets that Brad Pitt wore in his latest Oscar nominated film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”,  which were designed by the British outerwear company Belstaff, are now available for purchase. The Belstaff Panther Jacket which was  seen on Pitt’s character as he rode a classic Indian  motorcycle across Louisiana with actress Cate Blanchett, is listed at a price of  $1,205. The Belstaff Button Blouson Jacket ($1,295) appears in the film as Pitt speeds away on the Triumph motorcycle and the Belstaff Shearling Jacket ($1,995) which he wore alongside actress Tilda Swinton.


Button Blouson Jacket ($1,295)

The Benjamin Button Jackets can be  found in the Belfast store or ordered online. A portion of the proceeds go to Brad Pitt’s ‘Make it Right’ Hurricane Katrina foundation. Also they’re  limited edition, so they may not be around for long.


Shearling Jacket ($1,995)