Hyped Technology: Could the LG Arena KM900 Be the Next?

February 08, 2009 0


LG has designed a new phone (LG Arena KM900) that is creating some buzz in the techno world. The LG Arena KM900 is smart phone which claims to be introducing a 3D touchscreen experience unlike any other seen before. This claim is primarily based on the 4 cube-like  home screens which the user is allowed to configure  to their liking and the many multimedia features such as DVD quality recording and play back.


Although no announcements have been made about the U.S.  debut, the LG Arena KM900 is set to be released in Europe this coming March. The  real question swarming around is  “Is the LG Arena KM900 a true iPhone competitor or just another knock off ?” I guess well just have to wait and see.