Sean Connery, the New Louis Vuitton Model

October 12, 2008 0

It seems as though Louis Vuitton has asked 78 years old, James Bond Senior, Sean Connery to make an appearance in their latest ad campaign “Core Values”. This is sort of odd because I’m used to seeing Louis Vuitton ads with only hot young models not senior citizens. But I guess when you’ve saved the world a number of times in movies you’re entitled to these kinds of calls from high fashion brands.

Sean Connery is the latest in this ad series which includes Keith Richards, Francis Ford, Sofia Coppola, and Mikhail Gorbachev. The photos for the ad campaign were taken by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz last month near his home in the Bahamas and the ads will be released in sync with the new 007 film “The Quantum of Solace” debut.

Sean Connery is seen above with a waterproof version of the famous Louis Vuitton ‘Keepall’ bag.