USA to China: The 08 US Olympic line from Ralph Lauren

July 28, 2008 0

The 2008 Olympics are just about to kick-off, leaving people all around the world anticipating exciting country against country competitions. Billions will be watching, praying that their country rises to the top to receive the gold. Some countries view the 08 Olympics, which is being hosted by China, as an opportunity to redeem themselves from the embarassing  performances from four years ago hoping to show the world their countries resilience. Ralph Lauren is one of the first to represent the United States this year by releasing an official 2008 USA Olympic line for the USA Olympic team. Those shown above are not models, they are official 2008 US Olympic Team athletes- top picture going from left to right: Deontay Wilder- Boxing, Joy Fahrenkrog- Archery, Brianna Glenn-Track & Field, Giussepe Lanzone-Rowing. Although I have no idea what the Chinese letters represent, the Ralph Lauren USA line is alright with me except for the shorts, I think it would be a better look if they were a little bit longer but hey, I guess its ok if Ralph Lauren is going for a more preppy style- the same way he always does. These items range from $30 to $170 so if you’re interested you can find out more details at