First the Air Yeezy and Now a Custom made Louis Vuitton Backpack

July 21, 2008 3

Is it just me or does it seems as though Mr. Kanye West is the only one with exclusive gear that only he can have. He had everyone guessing what kind of Nikes he was wearing until they unveiled that it was the Nike Air Yeezy. Now he has just revealed that he has recently received new expensive  Louis Vuitton items such as bags, shades, shoes, and the most interesting of them all is the one that took a year in a half to make; his custom made Louis Vuitton backpack. One thing I know for sure is that these goods are probably expensive as hell and we all know Kanye’s character, the same way he is about receiving awards- he doesn’t like to share. So who knows whether or not the Air Yeezy or the Louis Vuitton backpack will be released anytime soon but I guess you can hope, cause you never know.